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Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom.  Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom with extras!
Plan to offer my 72″ 8 harness Cranbrook loom later this year.


I found me on the Internets!

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I am spinning in Sarah Anderson, Designing in Spinning at SOAR 2009.  I am the one on the right.

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Kromski Fantasia Hand Spinning Wheel

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New for 2010.  A finely tuned modern wheel that is reasonably priced and meets all the needs of spinners  - beginners, those seeking a modern look, Kromski spinners seeking a 2nd or 3rd wheel and those that want the latest innovations that make spinning easy.

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See & Hear more details, You Tube video. 


Schacht Wheel & Loom Deadlines

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MatchlessOrder your new loom or wheel by these dates in order to received before Christmas.

November   9   Last week to order a Matchless.  Local?   I generally have one in stock for pick up.   Click Here to shop Spinning Wheels.
November 23   Last week to order a Ladybug, Floor Loom or Wolf Loom.  Click here to shop Weaving Looms.
November 30   Last week to order Accessories including Flip and Cricket looms.  Many of these items are stocked at my studio.  The catalog will indicate my inventory.


Schacht Bulky Plyer Flyer

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Wow!, Now you can spin bulky funky yarns on your Schacht wheel! Large bobbin–Ideal for plying.  Pre Order Today and be the first to add this to your Schacht wheel.

The Schacht Bulky Plyer Flyer is scheduled to begin shipping Fall 2009. Add plying and bulky yarn capabilities to any Schacht Matchless or Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel.
Features include a generously-sized 7/8” orifice, large capacity bobbin (about 8 oz), sliding flyer hooks with incremental stops, and large round guide hooks.   Click here for further details and ordering.


Kromski Symphony Hand Spinning Wheel

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This wheel has the details spinners have come to expect with Kromski products - lots of finely turned wood, attention to detail, and all the features spinners ask for.

Start with a good size wheel diameter - 24″ - that rotates on bearing sleeves that contribute to effortless treadling.   The double treadles are well engineered to be comfortable through long spinning sessions. The flyer is double drive but also has Scotch tensioning for single drive use.   Click here for more details.

Kromski Sonata Handspinning Wheel

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If you seek a wheel that is portable, easy to carry and folds out into a full size spinning wheel  Check out the Sonata.  From the Kromskis of Poland, is a marriage between the classic architecture and design concepts shared with all other Kromski wheels and the functional needs of a wheel that folds. You get both. Clear lacquer or walnut finish.
It is a full-size spinning wheel that folds and packs away as a small package, making it perfect for traveling, guild and festival gatherings or simply storage when not in use.  
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Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel

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The look of wheels from the Baltic area of Poland and Scandinavia. In fact, a well known spinning wheel historian has said that the manner in which this wheel is built is as close to being historically correct as he has seen. This will be a plus for spinners wanting the “real thing” and for the growing community of re enactors. The amount of decorative turning on this wheel is substantial, making it a sight to behold.

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Kromski Minstrel Hand Spinning Wheel

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From the Kromskis of Poland, this wheel sets new standards for castle style wheels. It features a wide, steady base for the double treadle operation and the wheel, which is larger than many upright wheels - 18″. The wheel is easy to mount on the two support posts. The third post will mount an optional distaff.

Larger than the Kromski Mazurka, The Minstrel has stronger, bolder lines and a larger base to accommodate the larger wheel diameter and the double treadles

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Kromski Mazurka Handspinning Wheel

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The classic look of eastern European wheels of old.

The novel wheel-within-a-wheel makes you think of mazurka dancers spinning round and round.

The Mazurka design won recognition for Leon Kromski throughout Poland. One look at the detail in this wheels will astound you - what craftsmanship!

Made of European alder and birch, the Mazurka features both double drive and scotch tension spinning.

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