Ashford Hand Cards

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Quality tool at a competitive price.  Not ready for a drum carder investment?  Attending spinning classes? This tool is something you will want to check out.  For combing fibers to make a rolag for spinning.
Fine cloth for super fine fibers and cotton (108 point)
Wool regular wool cloth (72 point).
Student wool handcard paddle measures 8 x 4.75″
Mini wool paddle measures 7.5 x 3.5″.
Flick carders are ideal for combing mohair locks for crafting or novelty spinning.  Click here for more details.

Strauch Drum Carder- Petite Belt Drive

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Short on funds?  Don’t have plans carding a lot of fibers.    This is a nice carder for the price.
Manual drum carder with a polyurethane drive belt.   Click here for further details.

Strauch Drum Carder Motorized

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Available in standard width and double wide.   128 teeth FINE CARD, ideal for all types of fibers.
Standard Finest has a 7″ diameter, 7 3/4″ wide working drum producing a batt approximately 7″ wide by 22″. Machine is 24″ long by 11.5″ wide.
Double wide Finest is 15″ wide, with the same 7″ diameter as the standard carder and produces a batt approximately 14″ wide x 22″ long. Larger size nice for felters and the production handspinner.  Click here for further details.

Strauch Drum Carder

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Standard width. (also available in double wide and electric)  Oak Finish Wood Frame. 128 teeth FINE CARD, ideal for all types of fibers. Chain drive mechanism provides a constant positive non-slipping action while carding and is far superior to belt drives. Super easy to turn! You won’t feel like you just finished a work out using this machine.   Click here for further details

Ashford Drum Fine Drum Carder

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New Ashford Fine Drum Carder Now with Two Speeds. The new improved Ashford Drum Carder has two speed ratios for even more flexibility and control when carding and blending.Use the 6:1 ratio to prepare your fleece. The controlled intake and carding will produce a smooth even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting.= Use the 4:1 ration to blend sliver, colors and different fiber types consistently into an open and airy batt.    Click here for more details.

Ashford Book of Carding

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This is the best book on drum carding.  OK there are not a lot of books on the subject….  This book is wonderful to give you tips on carding.  Ideas for different fiber and color blends.  A must have for the drum card owner.   A Handspinners Guide to Fiber Preparation by Jo Reeve.  Click here for further details.


Ewe Dye-It Sock Yarn Kit

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New to Hand Dyeing?  What if you could dye yarn in your choice of colors with NO big (or small) messy dye pots?
The Ewe Dye-It Kit makes it possible! Now you can create your own beautiful hand-dyed yarn using just your microwave oven and common vinegar.
The Kit includes 6 blend-able primary & secondary color dyes, a skein (100g) of fingering weight 75% wool / 25% nylon yarn, 3 dye dispenser bottles, protective gloves, easy-to-follow instructions and more.
Kit contains enough dye to color from five to six 100g skeins of yarn. And, since all the other supplies are several times re-useable, this Kit is eco-conscious.   Click to Order

Knit Comb Top into a Felted Bag

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Felt PurseHere is a purse that I knit using large needles using strips of different colors of combed merino top. Using a felting pattern that uses wool yarn for felting.  Split your strip to the width of yarn that pattern suggests.  A slight twist will get you an idea.
Combed top has many uses.  Hand spin into yarn.  Needle Felting,  Wet Felting.

I wasn’t sure how well this would work.  So I added a strand of lace weight mohair yarn to the mix. this is called stranding.  I seem always adding mohair into my projects…  It has a bit of fuzz, which I like.  Not to worry, it can also be done with just the wool combed top.  Merino wool top felts the best.  Other natural wools also work.  If you are using something other than Merino, recommend doing a test swatch.  knit a hot pad size square, measure and felt in the washing machine.  The jeans load with long agitation works the best.   On something like a purse or bag, size is not critical.  On hats or clogs, I think I will stick to the wet felt method.    Click Here for more information and ordering combed top

Mohair Tails Scarf Pattern

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Using the shorn locks of the Angora goat. Pictured: Kid white mohair locks.

Follow link below to order supplies Per foot of length use 1 oz. of Mohair Locks or Select Locks. Order an extra oz. for waste.
Knit with matching shade of fingering weight yarn (sock yarn works well), 40″ circular size 3 needle.
Cast on 50 for each foot in length. Turn work and knit across.
Turn, next row. Knit 2. Lay 1/2″ cut end of mohair lock over the space between the needles and knit the next stitch, lap the end back, Knit 1, Lap the end back, Knit 1. (You are weaving the end between the stitches). Continue Knitting in the mohair locks across. End with 2 stitches. Turn work. Knit Across.
Repeat knitting in the locks for 1 or 2 more rows.
Can be crocheted. Use a Size E Crochet Hook. Single Crochet and lay in the locks as above.
Designed by Elizabeth Barkas. Personal Use Only. Not for resale.
White Scarf: Hair length approx. 6″. 32″ long scarf. Natural Color Scarf: Hair length approx. 6″ and is 40″ long. Click white scarf to view natural color.  
Click here to Order Mohair locks



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The easiest and fastest way to learn how to felt.   Click Here to see a Video Clip on Artfelt.

Click here to shop for Artfelt supplies   

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