Zitron Yarn

Posted in New Things, Machine Spun Yarn at 3:08 pm by Elizabeth

Order from the entire line.  Available to order by the manufacturer put-up, full bag same color or by the skein.   Click here for Details

Bottone Tweed, Ecco, Farfalla Filou, Filgran Fundus, Gobi, Lifestyle, Loft Classic, Loft, Color, Mistral, Nimbus, Nimbus Multi, Noblesse, Opus 1, Polo, Prisma, Rondo, Samoa, Samoa Color, Savanna, Zitron, Trekking 6-Ply, Trekking 6-Ply Tweed, Trekking Hand Art, Trekking Hand Art Flame, Trekking Maxima, Trekking Pro Natura, Trekking Undyed, Trekking XXL, Trekking XXL Tweed or Unisono. 

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