Strauch & Ashford Drum Carders, Hand Cards, Swift - Skein winder, Spinning Stool

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Strauch Swift and Skeinwinders.  

Strauch Ball Winder 

This winder makes a very large center-pull ball.  Up to 1-pound balls can be made!

The newly designed Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder uses a ball bearing drive. No oiling or adjusting is needed. A longer counter weight bracket greatly reduces vibration. In addition, the longer 15" base eliminates "knuckle-smacking" while winding.

The extra long length table clamp allows the winder it to be clamped to a standard 1Ĺ inch kitchen counter.   Each jumbo ball winder is tested to make sure it forms a perfect ball every time. That's why you'll find a small test ball on each and every winder.   Your jumbo ball winder is shipped in a handy storage box. -- Save it.   Itís a handy carrying case and folds flat for easy storage.

Strauch Motorized Drum Carder  

Oak Finish Wood Frame. 128 teeth FINE CARD, ideal for all types of fibers.   Standard size  has a 7" diameter, 7 3/4" wide working drum producing a batt approximately 7" wide by 22". Machine is 24" long by 11.5" wide.    128 Teeth/Sq. inch on large drum and Slicker-Licker small drum; ratio 5:1
Included with carder is the famous Slicker Licker card cloth, unique to all Strauch drum carders. Resulting is a smooth straight teeth which give a more gentle carding action to the fiber with virtually no fiber build up on the small drum.
Accessories included: brush attachment, the Knuckle saving batt pick, doffer-cleaner brush and small cleaner-dabber brush for use on the licker drum, teasing tool and table clamps.
These carders will be made to the same high standards as the hand crank models.  Lifetime guarantee with each Drum Carder. If at any time readjustment, repair, replacement or modification is needed,  LABOR will be at no charge. The motor and electronic controller have a one-year warranty.

NOTE: As with any electronic device, it is highly recommended that the customer plug their carder into a surge protector. Both the motor and controller are very expensive and should be protected.

Carder will be shipped direct by UPS ground from Virginia.

In Washington? I generally have this model set up in my studio to try out or purchase.
Free Shipping Elizabeth will pay the UPS ground shipping on Drum Carder to continental U.S. address. When ordering select Free Ship option, pick up and will ship directly to your address, unless of course you wish to pick up.  Send Elizabeth an e-mail that you want to pick up carder not have it shipped directly.

Strauch Motorized Drum Carder   By popular demand, Mr. Strauch has developed a motorized series of chain drive drum carders. A motor kit is also available for customers wanting to convert their existing Strauch hand crank chain drive machines.

This will cover all the chain drives: the regular "Finest", the "Finest-doublewide", the 200 series and the 200x2 series.   The Petite cannot be motorized because it is a light duty machine and not constructed to withstand the stresses imparted by the motor.

Conversion-kits, are designed so that a "handy with tools" customer can do it themselves. It's not difficult to do, just tedious and requires reasonable dexterity to:  1. Route the chain around all the sprockets.   2. Drill the hole in the sprocket on the large drum and press in a locking pin.   You do have the option of returning your drum carder to Mr. Strauch to install the conversion,  you will be responsible for shipping costs both ways.  Leave in order notes you will be shipping your carder back.  Will reply by e-mail with shipment address and cost for shipping. 

Mr. Strauch is an engineer, he has designed these machines to be unique. They will be "high tech" drum carders featuring both variable speed AND reverse functions. The "infinitely variable speed" feature (not just two or three speed settings) is a God-send when working with fine fibers like alpaca, merino and cashmere.

These carders use very high quality, durable, electronically controlled motors that are Made in the USA! These machines have been extensively beta tested by some "heavy duty" fiber artists and all have raved about the design, workmanship and durability.   230 volt version available to serve the international markets.


Timesaving; both hands are free to allow the fiber artist to control how the fiber is being carded or blended.

Those with wrist, elbow and/or shoulder issues will find carding with a Strauch motorized machine painless and relaxing.

The ability to card fibers at a consistent speed will make consistent batts. Folks wanting to process lots of fiber  will find these carders remarkable.

The motor and electronic controller were engineered to be quiet, robust, dependable, self-diagnostic and trouble free.

Strauch Finest double wide-chain drive

For those who need a larger production rate, a "Finest double wide" is available. This top of the line model is unique and comes complete with all available features including the Brush Attachment.

A chain drive carder and has a pulley attached to the crank so that the carder can be motorized by the end user using the motorized conversion kit later or order it new with Electronic motorized unit, follow link below to order.  The wood frame is ash with a warm honey-oak finish. The large drum on the double wide models is 15" wide, with the same 7" diameter as the standard carder and produces a batt approximately 14" wide x 22" long.  Larger size nice for felters and the production handspinner.

Overall dimensions are 18-1/2" wide x 24" long.  The frame is 6" high.  Since the swing of the handle clears the table surface, the carder can be placed anywhere on the work surface.

This unit is equipped with the 128 psi card cloth and "Slicker-Licker". The 6" high frame permits a larger sprocket on the small drum. This makes a 5:1 ratio between the drums, which allows more carding action per revolution. This 5:1 ratio allows for minimal turning of the large drum to produce an excellent, well blended batt; 2-3 passes are sufficient.

Special tools included with each "Finest double wide" are:  Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Pick, an invaluable tool for removing the batt without damage to the equipment or the user.   Doffer/Cleaner Brush to thoroughly and easily clean any residual fibers from the carding drum.  A small cleaner/dabber brush for use on the licker drum.  Teasing Tool to open locks and tease fiber prior to carding.   Table clamps to secure the carder to the work surface.
Free Shipping Elizabeth will pay the UPS ground shipping on Drum Carder to continental U.S. address. When ordering select Free Ship option, pick up and will ship directly to your address, unless of course you wish to pick up.  Send Elizabeth an e-mail that you want to pick up carder not have it shipped directly.